Our Background

Before the creation of NATEX AB, we travelled widely to western countries and in Africa, where we met many entrepreneurs on a needs-assessment mission that enabled us to understand the challenges and opportunities in these two  parts of the world.

Our findings were that in the western world, the direct investment market is readily available. However this private direct investment pool of resources  no longer provides the expected returns. This is because the investment market is getting smaller and smaller and is fast approaching its saturation point. This means this potential for investment needs to be directed elsewhere.

For the African entrepreneurs, there is  burning need for direct private investment. The potential is immense, and investment can provide big returns.  In Africa, large-scale projects for the exploitation and development of natural resources can significantly spur rapid economic growth and real wealth creation. This potential is, most significantly, until now untapped.

Our interest in private direct investment is based on the fact that it remains the surest way to rapidly create wealth and foster development and welfare in Africa and that it is still contributing to the expansion of the western technology market.

However, entrepreneurs face several challenges with regard to  investing in Africa:

  • It is quite difficult to get qualified staff and the technological know-how required for effective exploitation and the processing of the vast natural resources on the continent
  • Africa lacks the kind and level of financial resources required to drive large-scale projects. There is also a setback in that Africa has hitherto not been considered as a  potential investment area by the global capital market fraternity.


  • The main challenge is how to bring to Africa the requisite financial tools and adequate mechanisms for accessing the international financing network.

We resolved that establishing a win-win  North-South partnership  is the best solution to the above challenges. The answer lies in bringing in expertise and  technology to the African-based entrepreneur, thus opening access  to natural resources, further broadening the market to the western investors. This provides a conducive middle ground for  rapid economic growth for both the private investors and African states.
Facilitating such partnerships enables the creation of new large-scale projects for beneficial exploitation of natural resources hitherto unexplored. This, in turn, helps expand the labour and capital markets, strengthening ties and trade bonds, and creating a new, mutually-beneficial and sustainable socio-economic  environment for business.

~ In a word, we are that crucial link. ~

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