Our Strategy

We facilitate the integration and accommodation  of technical and financial  partners in the administrative African context and provide them the needed support until they have established stable management structures in the countries where their investments are hosted.

We commit to enable our partner companies to realise fast economic growth and an attractive  return on investment through the following phases:

Initiation phase: NATEX AB initiates and coordinates the requests for technical and financial assistance of the Africa-based private investors, institutional investors and African countries  and sign with them a technical and financial collaboration agreement.

Development phase: From its broad technical portfolio, NATEX AB selects for the client the most suitable technical partner who designs and develops project feasibility studies and will supervise and control the project during the implementation phase.

Assembling  phase: After the development phase, the customer, the technical partner and NATEX AB decide together on a general contractor who will be the project implementing company.During the post-development or the installation phase,  NATEX AB, the client, the technical partner, the general contractor and the sponsors establish the financing structures and decide the timelines till the recruitment of the project management team or unit.

The Implementation phase and strategies : The assembling phase ends with the closing of the financial deal and the signing of the financial agreements between donors and investors. It precedes the construction phase of the investment.

NB: For every project, we develop an appropriate strategy. We do this  for each type of investment so as to ensure smooth implementation and completion:


  1. PPP: We assemble and develop Public Private Partnerships between our international investment companies, partners, African states and institutional investors  or groups of companies.
  2. We represent, facilitate and assist our clients in major international public procurement projects and assure them the facilitation to acquire companies or companies under privatisation.
  3. Our success  relies on our extensive knowledge of business and public policies in Africa, where we have vast experience and strong connections as evidenced by our partners. We are on the side of the investor and we protect his or her interests.
  • Our focus on research and keeping tabs on trends helps us to guide our partners and provide them with any information required and assure them enough visibility to invest without fear of political, or financial risks.


  • Services offered by NATEX AB to states/organizations in developing African countries


  • a. Access to sufficient finances for projects that local financial institutions cannot manage.
  • b. Technical management support (often, the importance of this component is ignored, yet it is one of the key factors considered by any lender who is keen to finance a project).
  • c. Coordinating the many components in the early stages of  project design until it shapes up into a complete, inclusive business/project with clear responsibilities to be shared by:
  • •    The project promoter (mostly the African company or state)
  • •    The strategic and technical partner
  • •    NATEX AB as the coordinator before the creation of a joint company/ project and its supervision and monitoring during and 3-6 months after its creation.   
  • d. For the on-going business, NATEX will provide:
  • a. Management support and consultancy work to structure and make the company eligible  for international lending.
  • b. Specific technical assistance and support.
  • c. Finances surveying and arranging services.

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